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Welcome. Everything you need to help share the CIGRE story is right here! 

What is the CIGRE story and why is it so important that we share it?

Click the play button below to hear Doug Aberle, Chairman of CIGRE, explain…

Doug Aberle - Chairman Cigre Australia from Cigré Australia on Vimeo.

CIGRE's power networking know-how brings immense value to the Australian power industry. But at a time when our market environment is difficult and dynamic, many in our industry remain unaware about this. It’s now crucial that we get the Cigré story out beyond our technical people to a wider more commercially oriented audience.

During development of our new brand we asked Cigré members if you were prepared to actively promote CIGRE. Your answer was a resounding “YES”, as long as you are given the resources to help you. 

You can be our most powerful CIGRE story tellers. Personal interaction is the best way to tell our story, but we need to tell it persuasively and consistently. This website can help us do that. It’s not a knowledge management system like Confluence, but it does contain what you need to compellingly spread the word far and wide about how CIGRE is helping to take our industry forward.

The other four sections contain resources you can use when sharing our CIGRE story in a range of ways to suit different audiences.