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Cigré is the authoritative source for power engineering resources.  The e-Cigré on-line library is one of the most comprehensive accessible databases of relevant technical works on power engineering in the world.

The e-Cigré library is extensive and includes 6,800 references of publications, dated 1968 and after, out of which almost 3,000 - the latest - are available in electronic format. 

Cigré Australia actively contributes to this repository and our network of professional engineers has also produced a number of publications based on our learnings from our local environment.


Applying know-how to Australia

Cigré constantly produces a wide range of technical brochures and publications.  A sample of these produced over 2012 - 2013, which are of  particular relevance to the Australian environment, are listed below.  To download these publications, go to e-Cigré or contact us to find out more.

  • TB548 - Stakeholder Engagement Strategies in Sustainable Development - Electricity Industry Overview 
  • TB541 - Asset Management Decision Making Using Different Risk Assessment Methodologies
  • TB539 - Lifetime Management of Relay Settings
  • TB537 - Guide for Transformer Fire Safety Practices
  • TB534 - Interaction Between Principles of Transfer Capacity Calculation and Market Activity for Enhanced System Utilisation 
  • TB532 - Substation Uprating and Upgrading
  • TB527 - Performance Coping with Limits for Very High Penetrations of Renewable Energy 
  • TB524 - Control Centre Operator Requirements, Selection, Training and Certification 
  • TB523 - System Complexity and Dynamic Performance 
  • TB515 - Mechanical Security of Overhead Lines Containing Cascading Failures and Mitigating Their Effects 
  • TB509 - Final Report of the 2004-2007 International Enquiry on Reliability of High Voltage Equipment - Part 1:   Summary and General Matters
  • TB505 - Funding - Generation and Transmission Investment
  • TB500 - Impact of Market Designs on Generation Adequacy 
  • TB497 - Application and Feasibility of Fault Current Limiters in Power Systems 
  • TB495 - Communications Access to Electrical Energy Consumers and Producers
  • TB487 - Strategic Environmental Assessment for Power Developments
  • TB486 - Integral Decision Process for Substation Equipment Replacement
  • TB485 - Overhead Line Design Guidelines for Mitigation of Severe Wind Storm Damage

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