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Branded Resources

Making your Cigré affiliation consistently and professionally visible.

Not all situations are as informal as a BBQ. And not everyone will engage with a smart phone app. Sometimes we need other resources to tell the Cigré story. This section provides what you need at more formal events such as a conference or trade show; to reach audiences beyond a face to face setting in online or printed mediums; and to publicly signal your Cigré affiliation.



A selection of versatile templates, each in 2 formats, that can be mixed and matched to build your Cigré branded presentation, can be downloaded here.

element 14 profile 19


A 6 page A4 tri-fold high quality printed profile, presenting a more in-depth account of the Cigré story than the 2 page A4 pdf intended for electronic distribution.

Request copies.

See a pdf version.

element 15pullup screens 19

Pull up screens

If you have an upcoming conference, meeting or other event, request these screens so we can arrange delivery. Screen dimensions are 2020mm high x 960mm wide, 7.5kg.

See a pdf version

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You Tube

There is now a CIGRE dedicated You Tube channel featuring our Ambassador Animation, Webinars, Panel and technical presentations.  We invite you to submit your own clips for inclusion, to

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LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of members, making it a powerful marketing, communications and brand building tool. Cigré and our members can use it to:

  • Build brand awareness, prestige and industry following
  • Demonstrate and facilitate Cigré’s membership breadth and connectedness
  • Drive traffic to our website, Confluence and Study Committees
  • Convey innovation and credibility, particularly to our younger industry professionals.

As members it’s important to follow Cigré on LinkedIn. The greater the number of Cigré followers, the greater the marketing power of LinkedIn to Cigré.

Visit Cigre’s LinkedIn page