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Technical Committee

Role of the Australian Technical Committee

The technical activities of Cigré consist in organising technical events and carrying out studies, by means of the Study Committees.

These Study Committees are permanent structures of Cigré, governed by precise operative rules, and each active in a specific technical domain;  co-ordination of the actions of the Study Committees is the mission of the Technical Committee (TC) whose Chairman reports to the Administrative Council.

The Australian Technical Committee (ATC) comprises the 16 Cigré Australia representatives on the CIGRÉ International Study Committees.  Each member of the ATC also convenes an Australian Panel (AP) matching the scope of their corresponding Cigré International Study Committee.

The Technical Committee provides a forum for the ATC members to:

  • represent their Australian Panels to Cigré Australia;
  • exchange ideas with other ATC members;
  • co-ordinate joint activities;  and
  • report on particular issues in their area(s) of expertise, both local and international.

The Australian Technical Committee is convened by the ATC Chairman.  The Chairman is also a member of the ANC Cigré Board.  The ANC Secretary provides administrative support to the Committee and provides a linkage between the ANC Cigré Board and the Australian Panels for all financial and administrative decisions.

The membership of the Australian Panels comes from individual and corporate Cigré members in Australia and New Zealand, who are expert in the particular technical areas relevant to their Panel.  Typically, a Panel has membership of the order of 15-20 members, although a number of the panels have larger membership due mainly to the structure of the electricity supply industry and the growing value of ANC Cigré membership.