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For information on the platform governing the operation of CIGRE, the following documents are provided for reference.

CIGRE Statutes

CIGRE Technical Information

CIGRE Rules for Study Committees

CIGRE Rules for CIGRE Sessions

CIGRE Australia Policies and Guidelines
(Details available to members from the CIGRE Australia Secretariat)

    1. 001 Financial Delegations for CIGRE  ANC (Ver 1 February 2014)
    2. 002 Reimbursement of ANC members expenses (Ver 1 February 2014)
    3. 003 ANC Travel Policy (Ver 1 February 2014)
    4. 004 Use and Reconciliation of CIGRE Australia Credit Card (Ver 1.1 March 2016)
    5. 005 Retiree Member Fees (Ver 1.0 March 2015)
    6. 006 Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy ( Ver 1.0 Sep 2016)

Competition and Consumer Act Compliance Statement