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Welcome to CIGRE Australia.  First port of call for power network know-how.

CIGRE is the global technical forum for large electric systems and aims to support our members in leveraging our global network to develop enhanced solutions for Australian organisations and the community. 

CIGRE counts more than 14000 equivalent members in over 90 countries. This membership is composed of researchers, academics, engineers, technicians, suppliers, and other decision makers, and is supported by 3500 experts actively collaborating in a structured work programme.

In Australia, we have over 70 organisations and 550 active members contributing to and leveraging the global network to meet our challenging market and geographic environment.

Watch a short video animation that introduces CIGRE and the value our global and local organisation delivers by clicking here>


NEW CIGRE Working Groups ( WG) announced

7 October 2021

The Chairman of the Technical Council has approved two new Working Groups (WG):                                                                                          

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CIGRE Members elect Board

5 October 2021

The results of the CIGRE Australia Board elections were announced at yesterday's AGM.

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Vale Hans Mayer

27 September 2021

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of long time CIGRE member Mr. Hans Mayer.

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The latest update from our panels

Working Group B1.44 -Guidelines for safe work on cable systems under induced voltages or currents

By ANC Secretary, 8 September 2021

Under the umbrella of SC B1 – Insulated Cables, WG B1.44 has recently published Technical Brochure 801.

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Contemporary design of low cost substations in developing countriesNew Page

According to the World Bank, approximately 1. 1 billion people, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and developing Asia, live without electricity today.  Working Group B3. 43, convened by Perry Tonking from Australia, was formed to support efforts to electrify regions where significant challenges exist in developing infrastructure. more >


No matter what language you say it in, expertise is crucial.

The first port of call for power network know-how is CIGRE. The global technical forum for large electric systems CIGRE counts more than 12000 equivalent members in over 90 countries. This membership is composed of researchers, academics, engineers, technicians, suppliers, and other decision makers, and is supported by 2500 experts actively collaborating in a structured work programme. more >


We are empowering Australia’s power industry professionals with the know-how and skills they need to develop enhanced technical solutions for their organisations. These solutions select the best and most appropriate the world has to offer to meet the needs of the Australian market and wider community. more >


With its global footprint across in excess of 90 countries, CIGRE offers unique international perspectives and unfettered access to a worldwide pool of experts and peers.

This global know-how has been built on a reputation for technical excellence through CIGRE's uniquely apolitical forum where unconstrained ideas are freely exchanged. more >

networking slide

The engine room of the CIGRE model is its approach to networking and sharing know-how.

CIGRE genuinely believes that the ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ and it is this philosophy that builds the collective intelligence of our network and industry. more >


PARIS 2021 Virtual Centennial Session & 2022 Session - 2021 Virtual Session & 2022 Palais des Congrès Paris France , Aug. 18 — 27, 2021

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A very special Webtute on transformer thermal modelling - By Goto Webinar , Wed, Oct. 6, 2021

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CIDER 22 - Stamford Grand 2 Jetty Road Glenelg, SA 5045, May. 10 — 11, 2022


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IEEE PES ISGT-Asia 2021 Page - call for abstracts/Papers now OPEN - Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Glenelg St, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Dec. 5 — 8, 2021


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SEAPAC - , Mar. 7 — 8, 2023


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