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Ambassador Resources

The personal touch to sharing our story from the inside out.

These resources will help you to be a powerful CIGRE Ambassador. Use them to engage, not just with people beyond your own organisation, but also with people from within.

CIGRE insignia’s

If you are an active CIGRE member you may wish to include one of our insignia’s in your emails or elsewhere. Choose your role from the options below.

As these graphics are png’s please save the file directly from this page by right clicking ‘save image as’ or by holding down your touch screen.


element 5 bbq app 19

BBQ app

Picture yourself at a social function and your conversation turns to CIGRE. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply bring up a screen on your smart phone that gives an at a glance layman’s account of the CIGRE story; and at a touch, you could reveal more if the conversation requires you to. That’s exactly what our new BBQ app does.

Technically our BBQ app is not actually an app, it’s a mini website optimised for smart phones and tablets (not desk tops), using responsive templates which reconfigure for whatever device you’re using. Note that a data/Wi-Fi connection is required.

Use this link: to view the bbq app. To make it really easy for you, we recommend you add a shortcut to a home page on your device.

element 6 a4 pdf 19

A4 pdf

As a follow up and to build on what’s covered by the BBQ app, you can email interested colleagues and friends this 2 page version of our CIGRE story.

element 7 animation


An even simpler alternative to the A4 pdf is this link to our 3 minute animation.

This presents another version of our Cigré story, as also featured on the CIGRE website, CIGRE vimeo channel and linked to the A4 pdf.


CIGRE MGM banner 210x210p

Member get Member drive

CIGRE is an influential collaborative community of power network expertise, why not help us spread the word and grow further? If you refer a new member, we will lend a hand with those Christmas costs! Click here to find out more >