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Logos & Standards

CIGRE logos and easy to follow guidelines for their use.

There will be times when you need to go beyond the CIGRE branded materials provided on this site. For example, featuring the CIGRE logo or your affiliate insignia in your annual report, other collateral or website. This section provides the logo files and easy to apply guidelines for their use.

CIGRE logo

Download files to use in your Word and PowerPoint documents, in emails and online (jpeg); and for externally printed materials (eps) here.

  • Cigre Logo Green

    Cigre Australia logo Green 20
    ai png
  • Cigre Logo Black

    Cigre Australia logo Black 19
    ai png
  • Cigre Logo Negative

    Cigre Australia logo Green reversed 19
    ai png
  • Cigre Logo White

    Cigre Australia logo white reversed 19
    ai png

To help you to professionally feature the CIGRE brand alongside your own, please download our easy to use brand guidelines.

element 23 brand standards