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CIGRE Working Group concludes Demand forecasting study

By ANC, 19 December 2016

The rapid growth of intermittent renewable energy sources coupled with the expected increase in demand side management, electric vehicles and storage is presenting new challenges to the complex world of load forecasting. WG C1.32 convened by AP C1 Convenor Graeme Ancell has just completed its work on establishing best practice approaches to demand and energy forecasts. While it has proved too early to determine best practice, the report identifies the techniques used across the world, the need for greater sharing of practices and the importance of enhancing the current approaches to deal with the changing paradigm.

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CIGRE Raffle aids Kiribati School and Centre for Children with Special Needs

By ANC, 28 November 2016

During the Paris Session, Perry (CEO of Kiribati Public Utilities Board) and Natalie Tonking organised and ran a raffle in aid of the children attending the Kiribati School and Centre for Children with Special Needs.

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Tools for economically optimal tranmission development

By ANC, 18 May 2014

Working Group C1.24 has recently had a Technical Brochure published in the Cigré magazine - Electra.

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e-Cigré database a world leader

By ANC, 5 March 2014

This online library is one of the most comprehensive accessible databases of relevant technical works on power engineering in the world. The e-Cigre library is extensive and includes some 6800 references of publications, dated 1968 and after, out of which almost 3000 - the latest - are available in electronic format.

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