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Working Groups - D2 Information Systems and Telecommunication

D2.01 Core business information systems and services

D2.02 Communication with other SCs and Cigré stakeholders

D2.03 Telecommunication networks, services and technology

D2.31 Security architecture principles for digital systems in electric power utilities (EPUs)

D2.32 Optical cables links in power utilities - mounting, commissioning, maintenance and management

D2.33 Operation and maintenance of Telecom network and associated information systems in the electrical power utility

D2.34 Telecommunication and information systems for assuring business continuity and disaster recovery

D2.35 Scalable communication transport solutions over optical networks

D2.36 Communication solutions for information exchange in the smart delivery of electrical energy

D2.37 Guidelines for outsourcing managed security services using cloud technologies

D2.38 - A framework for electric power utility (EPU) operators to manage the response to a cyber-initiated threat to their critical infrastructure

JWG B5/D2.46 Application and management of cyber security measures for protection and control systems

JWG D2/B5.30 Communications for HV substation protection and wide area protection applications