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2024 A2 Transformer Workshop

CIGRE Australia is pleased to announce its transformer and reactor workshop is being held again from 30 April – 2 May at Ausgrid in Sydney.

Bringing together experts from industry, manufacturing and universities, this workshop provides the opportunity for all those involved with research, design, procurement, commissioning, maintenance and asset management of transformers and reactors, to hear the latest developments from an interesting and diverse set of presentations. The two tutorials are on the Use of Transformer Reliability Statistics, and, Site Installation and Pre-commissioning, outlining the key takeaways of forthcoming CIGRE Technical Brochures. CIGRE Tutorials are rare and not to be missed, and we are pleased to see two of our local members having such an impact on the global stage. The Workshop will also feature hands-on technical sessions, networking, a conference dinner and a technical tour.

Program Outline


The full Transformer Workshop Program including tutorial, presentation and speaker information is available here.


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Workshop Cost $795/Non-members $995

Limited spaces available, subject to availability.

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Tutorial: Site Installation and Pre-commissioning

Looking to grasp the essential steps and procedures for site installation and testing of transformers to prepare them for commissioning? This tutorial delves into industry best practices and more! Join us to learn about stages of site assembly, proper oil handling and vacuum oil filling, inspection and test plans, the roles of factory and site testing, and recommended site tests and actions during trial operation. Led by Ross Willoughby, former CIGRE AU convener, this tutorial is not to be missed.

Tutorial: The use of transformer reliability statistics to make quantitative assessments of operational risk and replacement priority

Are you curious about using transformer failure rates and modes? The latest global reliability survey is reaching its conclusion, WG A2.62. So how can we use failure modes and probability of failure to make the best-informed decisions? This talk is aimed at asset management engineers in an Australian and New Zealand context who want to know about the benefits of applying statistics to their work.

Reliability statistics are useful for: setting budgets to deal with forecasted outages, identifying timely replacement, justifying expenditure to the regulator, and providing a quantification of operational risk. Utilities often prioritise the replacement of transformers based on their condition, so how can reliability statistics be used to strengthen these decisions? Common pitfalls of using statistics will be presented to improve understanding of application. Dan and Stefan are very interested to know how the asset manager is planning to use the outcomes from the forthcoming brochure, so you are welcome to let us know in the talk.

Join us to explore the latest survey findings, so don't miss this opportunity to stay informed from Dan Martin, secretary of this WG and the AU and NZ member.

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