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C6 Active Distribution Systems and Distributed Energy Resources


To facilitate and promote the progress of engineering and the international exchange of information and knowledge in the field of distribution systems and dispersed generation.  To add value to this information and knowledge by means of synthesising state of the art practices and developing recommendations.


The activities are principally concerned with the assessment of the technical impacts and requirements which a more widespread adoption of distributed/dispersed generation could impose on the structure and operation of the system.

In parallel, the Study Committee should assess the degree to which such solutions are likely to be adopted in the short, medium and long term.  The practical importance and timing of the related technical impacts and requirements should also be assessed.

Rural electrification, demand side management methodologies and application of storĀ­age are within the scope of this Study Committee.

Through its work, the Study Committee strives to objectively analyse the implications of distributed/dispersed generation and to become an internationally recognised forum on this evolving subject.

The Study Committee shall co-operate with Study Committee D1 concerning emerging technologies for dispersed generation and also with other System Study Committees.


Each Study Committee oversees a number of Working Groups.