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Working Groups - C6 Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation

AG C6.01 Strategic advisory group

AG C6.12 Tutorial advisory group

AG C6.17 Advisory group on rural electrification

AG C6.23 Advisory group on terminology

TF C6.04.02 Computational tools and techniques for analysis, design and validation of distributed generation systems

WG C6.04 Connection and protection practices for dispersed generation

WG C6.05 Technical and economic impact of DG on transmission and generation systems

WG C6.08 Integration of large share of fluctuating generation

WG C6.09 Demand side response

WG C6.11 Development and operation of active distribution networks

WG C6.15 Electric energy storage systems

WG C6.16 Technologies employed in rural electrification

WG C6.19 Planning and optimisation methods for active distribution systems

WG C6.20 Integration of electric vehicles in electric power systems

WG C6.21 Smart metering – state of the art, regulation, standards and future requirements

WG C6.22 Microgrids

WG C6.24 Capacity of distribution feeders for hosting DER

WG C6.27 Asset management for distribution networks with high penetration of distributed energy resources