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C4 System Technical Performance


To facilitate and promote the progress of engineering and the international exchange of information and knowledge in the field of system technical performance.  To add value to this information and knowledge by means of synthesising state of the art practices and developing recommendations.


This Study Committee is responsible for methods and tools for analysis related to power systems in the following fields:

Power Quality Performance:  Continuity of supply and voltage quality (magnitude, waveform, frequency, symmetry).  Analysis covers measurement and simulation meth­ods, identification of quality indices, monitoring techniques, emission from disturbing installations, immunity of sensitive installations and mitigation techniques.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC):  High frequency disturbances on the electricity supply and all disturbances (HF or LF) reaching equipment other than through the elec­tricity supply.  Studies include measurement and simulation methods.  Health effects re­lated to low frequency EMF are however excluded.

Power System Security Assessment:  Development of new analytical techniques for as­sessment of power system security, design of controls and modelling of existing and new equipment, real time stability evaluation and control.

Lightning:  Analysis of lightning characteristics and interactions of lightning with elec­tric power systems and equipment, including protection in MV and LV networks against lightning, and their standardisation.

Insulation Co-ordination:  Methods and tools for insulation co-ordination in electric power systems and equipment, contributing to optimisation of their cost and reliability.

Study Committee C4 supports and works closely together with relevant equipment and systems committees within its field of responsibility.


Each Study Committee oversees a number of Working Groups.