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Working Groups - C4 System Technical Performance

AG C4.1: Strategic directions

AG C4.2: Institutional liaison

AG C4.3: Tutorials and conferences

JWG A2/C4.309 Electrical transient interaction between transformers and the power system

JWG C4.24/CIRED Power quality and EMC issues associated with future electricity networks

JWG C4.31/CIRED EMC between communication circuits and power systems

JWG C4/C6.29 Power quality aspects of solar power

JWG C4/C6.35/CIRED Modelling and dynamic performance of inverter based generation in power system transmission and distribution studies

WG C4.111 Review of LV and MV compatibility levels for voltage Ffuctuation

WG C4.112 Power quality monitoring in flexible power networks

WG C4.206 Protection of the high voltage power network control electronics against intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI)

WG C4.207 EMC with communication circuits, low voltage systems and metallic structures

WG C4.23 Guide to procedures for estimating the lightning performance of transmission lines

WG C4.25 Issues related to ELF electromagnetic field exposure and transient contact currents

WG C4.26 Evaluation of lightning shielding analysis methods for EHV and UHV DC and AC transmission lines

WG C4.27 Benchmarking of power quality performance in transmission systems

WG C4.28 Extrapolation of measured values of power frequency magnetic fields in the vicinity of power links

WG C4.30 EMC in wind generation systems

WG C4.305 Practices in insulation co-ordination of modern electric power systems aimed at the reduction of the insulation level

WG C4.32 Understanding of the geomagnetic storm environment for high voltage power grids

WG C4.33 Impact of soil-parameter frequency dependence on the response of grounding electrodes and on the lightning performance of electrical systems

WG C4.34 Application of phasor measurement units for monitoring power system

WG C4.409 Lightning protection of wind turbine blades

WG C4.410 Lightning striking characteristics to very high structures

WG C4.503 Numerical techniques for the computation of power systems, from steady-state to switching transients

WG C4.603 Analytical techniques and tools for power balancing assessments