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e-Cigré database a world leader

By ANC, 5 March 2014

Power professionals the world over turn to Cigré  for its know-how and global network of expertise.

At the centre of Cigré's global know-how is e-Cigré.  This online library is one of the most comprehensive accessible databases of relevant technical works on power engineering in the world.  Cigré Australia actively contributes to this repository.

The e-Cigré library is extensive and includes 6800 references of publications, dated 1968 and after, out of which almost 3000, the latest, are available in electronic format.

This digital format is available for download free of charge to members.  Non-members can also request them by ordering and paying for them from the Central Office of Cigré.

Available publications include technical brochures which are comprehensive technical reports produced by the 16 Study Committees as well as reports from various Working Groups and task forces.  These latter items are shorter publications.  Session papers from Cigré sessions are also available.

Further to this, members can download various papers featured in Cigré's membership magazine, Electra These include:

  • executive summaries of technical brochures
  • reports from Working Groups, and
  • invited papers which are produced outside the working bodies of Cigré.

 For more about e-Cigré, go to