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Australian Technical Committee - 2023 Annual Report

31 January 2024

Each year following the Annual Technical presentations, the Australian Technical Committee compile a summary report of their activities for the year.

This Australian Technical Committee report provides an introduction to the specific reports from the individual Australian Panel Conveners on the activities of their international Study Committees, Working Groups and Australian Panels for the calendar year 2021.

The Australian Technical Committee (ATC) comprises the 16 CIGRE Australia representatives on the CIGRE international Study Committees (SC). Each member of the ATC also convenes an Australian Panel (AU) matching the scope of their corresponding CIGRE international Study Committee.
The Technical Committee provides a forum for the ATC members to:

• Represent their Australian Panels to CIGRE Australia;
• Exchange ideas with other ATC members;
• Coordinate joint activities; and
• Report on particular issues in their area(s) of expertise, both local and international.

The Australian Technical Committee is convened by the ATC Chairman. The Chairman is also a member of the CIGRE Australia Board. The CIGRE Australia Executive Manager provides administrative support to the ATC and a linkage between the CIGRE Australia Board and the Australian
Panels for all financial and administrative decisions. The ATC Secretary, is an NGN member which provides an avenue for the NGN to contribute and understand the technical activities occurring within Australia. In addition all 16 Australian Panels have an NGN liaison fostering NGN involvement in
Australian Panel activities.

The membership of the Australian Panels comes from individual and collective CIGRE members in Australia and New Zealand. Panel members are experts in the particular technical areas relevant to each Panel. Typically, a Panel has in the order of 20 members although a number of the panels have larger membership. The largest panel currently has 37 members and the smallest has 9 members. The number of panel members increased across 2021 by approximately 9%.

2023 ATC Chair overview