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Working Groups - C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation

C5-18 Market price signals and regulated frameworks for regional coordination of grid investments

C5-19 Regulatory aspects of demand response and demand side management for integration within electricity markets

JWG C2 / C5-5 Development and changes in the business of system operators

SC C5 Strategic advisory group

WG C5-10 Regulatory incentives for capital investments in electricity systems

WG C5-11 Market design for large scale integration of renewable energy sources and demand side management

WG C5-12 Market power mitigation

WG C5-13 Interaction of markets and regulation actions with emerging technologies

WG C5-14 Regulatory incentives for innovation in electricity networks

WG C5-15 Risk management in evolving regulatory frameworks

WG C5-16 Costs of electric service, cost allocation methods and residential rate trends

WG C5-17 Capacity markets: needs, solutions and state of affairs

WG C5-9 Retail market design - customer switching, metering and load profiles