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Working Groups - C1 System Development and Economics

C1.BAG Business management

C1.DAG System development

C1.MAG Asset management

C1.TAG Tutorials

JWG B4/C1-65: Recommended voltages for HVDC grids

WGC1-09 Planning issues for newly industrialised and developing countries (Africa)

WGC1-10 Glossary of terms used in the electricity supply industry

WGC1-13 System complexity and dynamic performance

WGC1-14 Review of transmission planning access requirements

WGC1-15 Review the drivers for transmission investment decisions and the role of technical planning criteria in transmission investment

WGC1-16 Transmission asset risk management

WGC1-17 Planning to manage power interruption events

WGC1-18/C2/C6 Coping with limits for very high penetrations of renewable energy

WGC1-19 Green field network, designing future networks ignoring existing constraints

WGC1-20 Accommodating high load growth and urban development in future plans

WGC1-21 What advanced components and technologies are needed and which are available or under development to meet future network development

WGC1-22 New investment decision processes required to deal with changing economic drivers

WGC1-23 Transmission investment decision points and trees

WGC1-24 Tools for developing optimum network development plans

WGC1-25 Risk management and information processes for asset management in electricity transmission companies for current and future power systems

WGC1-27 The future of reliability