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Working Groups - B3 Substations

AA1 Advisory Area for Substations Concepts and Developments

CAG Customer Advisory Group

JWG B3/B1.27 Factors for investment decision GIL vs Cables for AC Transmission

JWG B3/C1/C2.14 Circuit Configuration Optimisation

SAG Strategic Advisory Group

TAG Tutorial Advisory Group

WG B3.13 Reducing replacement time of HV equipment

WG B3.23 Guidelines for uprating and upgrading of substations

WG B3.24 Benefits of PD diagnosis on GIS condition assessment

WG B3.25 SF6 gas analysis for AIS, GIS and MTS condition assessment

WG B3.29 Field Tests Technology on UHV substation during construction and operation

WG B3.30 Guide to minimise the use of SF6 during routine testing of electrical equipment

WG B3.31 Air Insulated Substations design for severe climate condition

WG B3.32 - Saving through optimised maintenance of air insulated substations

WG B3.34 Expected impact of future grid concept on substation management

WG B3.35 Substation earthing system design optimisation through the application of quantified risk analysis

WG B3.36 Special considerations for AC collector systems and substations associated with HVDC connected wind powers plants

WG B3.37 Internal arc effects in medium voltage switchgear (1-52kV)-mitigation techniques