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Working Groups - A3 High Voltage Equipment

WG A3.31 Instrument Transformers with Digital Outputs

AG A3.01 Strategic Planning

AG A3.04 Tutorials

WG A3.17 Evaluation of Stresses of Surge Arresters and Appropriate Test Procedures

WG A3.23 Application and feasibility of fault current limiters in power systems

WG A3.24 Tools for simulating internal arcs

WG A3.25 Surge arresters

WG A3.26 Capacitor banks

WG A3.27 Vacuum switchgear

WG A3.28 UHV & EHV equipment

WG A3.29 Deterioration and ageing

WG A3.30 Overstressing

WG A3.32 Non-intrusive methods for condition assessment

WG A3.33 Experience with equipment for Series / Shunt Compensation

WG A3.35 Commissioning of Controlled Switching Projects