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Working Groups - A2 Transformers

AG A2.1 Strategic Planning

AG A2.2 Customer and Tutorial

AG A2.3 Transformer Technology

AG A2.4 Transformer Utilisation

AG A2.5 Ultra High Voltage Transformer AC&DC

JWG A2/C4.39 Electrical Transient Interaction between Transformers and the Power System

JWG A2/C4.52 High-frequency transformer models for non-standard waveforms

JWG A2/D1.41 HVDC transformer insulation – Oil conductivity

JWG A2/D1.46 Field experience with transformer solid insulating ageing markers

JWG A2/D1.51 Improvement to Partial Discharge Measurements for Factory and Site Acceptance Tests of Power Transformers

WG A2.33 Transformer Fire Safety Practices

WG A2.36 Guide for Transformer Procurement Process

WG A2.37 Transformer Reliability Survey

WG A2.38 Transformer Thermal Modelling

WG A2.40 Copper sulphide long-term mitigation and risk assessment

WG A2.42 Guide on Transformer Transportation

WG A2.43 Bushing Reliability

WG A2.44 Transformer Intelligent Condition Monitoring

WG A2.45 Transformer failure investigation and post-mortem analysis

WG A2.48 Technology and utilization of oil insulated high voltage shunt reactors

WG A2.49 Condition assessment of power transformers

WG A2.50 Effect of the distributed energy sources and consequent induced reverse power flow (step-up) on transmission and distribution transformers