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CIGRE - Upcoming Events

November - Australian Technical Committee Seminar - Brisbane  21 November

  Thursday 21 - As we did in 2018, the Technical convenors will present some of the projects and work that CIGRE  Australia members are engaged in. 

 This session is free and open to any interested person to attend - information and registrations can be found on our website.  

        CLICK HERE to download the report from 2018


 Friday 22 November -  AGM 

The board and executive will present a summary of the last years results and a view of the year ahead.

             - This event is for CIGRE Australia members only.

April -  Melbourne  - Transformer Tutorials and Workshop - this one day event has established itself as the go to lead in event prior to Techcon.  The workshhop presents a hands on technically orientated look at issues related to the installation, maintenance and operation of Transformers.

August 23 - 28 - Paris Session 48 - Paris France.

Every two years, the Paris Session run by CIGRE in Paris, France.  This event attracts members from across the whole CIGRE community and is the culmination of the previous two years of the CIGRE knowledge programme. The Paris Session is unlike any other conference. It offers an in-depth interactive congress, following a rigorous process where, rather than being presented, hundreds of papers are collaboratively debated.


September 4th - 9th 2023  - CIGRE Symposium -  Cairns Australian

Still a long way off, but pencil this into your calendars.  CIGRE Australia have won the hosting rights for this CIGRE Symposium to be held in Cairns.
Details are being worked on but this promises to be a large event covering several global Study Committees and drawing delegates from around the world.

 The CIGRE global events calendar including some relevant non-CIGRE events can be downloaded HERE