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Working Group B1.44 -Guidelines for safe work on cable systems under induced voltages or currents

By ANC Secretary, 8 September 2021

Under the umbrella of SC B1 – Insulated Cables, WG B1.44 has recently published Technical Brochure 801.

This Technical Brochure describes the induction phenomena (inductive, capacitive and conductive) that can lead to presence of voltage and currents on disconnected cable systems. Methods of calculation to evaluate those values and touch voltages are detailed and analysed, associated with various examples and case studies. Principles of safe work are presented (risk analysis, earthed working and insulated working) in order to handle those induced voltages in any type of works on cable systems (pulling, jointing, on terminations, link boxes etc ).

Also the area of “acceptable” induced voltages is investigated from existing standards and guidelines, with recommendation towards IEC for a standard update.

The Technical Brochure is available from e-cigre CLICK HERE