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Australian Panel C6 - Distributed systems and Dispersed Generatiion

By ANC, 2 June 2016

Tagged Isolated Power Systems, Smart Grids, Demand Response

The paper titled "Fast Demand Response as an Enabling Technology for High Renewable Energy Penetration in Isolated Power Systems "  has been authored by representatives of Hydro Tasmania, CSIRO and C6 Panel member Michael Negnevitsky of University of Tasmania.

The paper is one among seventeen CIGRE Australia papers accepted for the Paris Session.

Electricity consumers living in remote areas or on islands often cannot be supplied from conventional interconnected power systems. These consumers are usually serviced by a local electricity generation and distribution system which we will refer to as an ‘isolated power system’ (IPS). Electricity in IPSs is traditionally generated using diesel fuel. Due to remoteness and consequent high cost of diesel fuel supply, the cost of electric energy in IPSs is high compared to conventional interconnected systems.

This paper considers the issues of not being able to be supplied from conventional interconnected power systems and some of the approaches taken to address the problem.  The paper presents fast ( ie sub-second) demand response as a Renewable Energy enabling technology in isolated power systems.

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