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Australian Panel C5 - Electricity Markets and Regulation

By ANC, 1 May 2014

Tagged Electricity Markets and Regulation, Australian Panel

AP C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation

In addition to having 3 papers accepted for inclusion in the Paris 45 conference in August,  AP C5 has also been involved with a number of working groups under Study Committee SC C5, notably:

  • WG C5-12,  ‘Market Power Mitigation Measures,’ with Cigré Australian AP C5 member David Bowker as the WG leader, has had its Technical Bulletin accepted and a paper for Electra will be completed shortly;
  • WG C5-13, ‘Regulatory Interaction with Emerging Technology’, which is at the draft report stage and should have a final Technical Bulletin following the Paris 2014 Sessions;
  • WG C5-15, ‘Market Risk Management’, which is currently preparing a global survey on current practices in member countries;
  • WG C5-17, ‘Capacity Markets’, which is reviewing the results of its first round survey on current and expected practices.  A draft report will be produced after the 2014 Paris sessions;
  • WG C5-18, ‘Market Price Signals’, which will have its first meeting at the 2014 Paris sessions; and
  • WG C5-19, ‘Regulatory aspects of Demand Side Response’, which is preparing its fact gathering survey so that it can plan further actions during the 2014 sessions. 

AP C5 has also taken on the role of coordinating and managing the Market Disturbance Workshop to be held at the 2014 Paris session.  The abstracts of the proposed presentations are now being collated and the Convener and IP Convener will be reviewing these in the coming weeks.