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Issue 22 - June 2020

Dear Reader, 

Welcome to the Mid year Issue of In The Loop for 2020.

Whilst the disruptive start to the year continues with the impact of COVID-19 finding its way into all of our lives, many members in particular are making good use of some of the CIGRE  on line resources such as e-cigre, our webinars and our newest member's only fortnightly newsletter 'The Corona Times' which looks at a summary of one of our Technical Panels each fortnight and is packed with links to technical items and online CIGRE webinars. 

In fact we have seen a continued interest from new members during this pandemic, primarily as they find that CIGRE has topical and useful online content which they are finding useful and easy to access from the home or work office environment.

I am pleased to announce that we have recently launched our new YOU Tube Channel so this, in addition to our LinkedIn and twitter pages, will help keep you informed about what is happening in CIGRE - if you do not already follow us, click and go to the page and subscribe.  In particular it is our intention to store all current webinars and links to CIGRE videos on our you tube channel.

In April, we also launched the members only technical broadsheet - "Corona Times"  which is focused on the technical work of our panels and features a panel in each fortnight edition.  If you are a member or employee of a member and have not received this, please contact our office to be placed on the distribution list.  enquiries@cigreaustralia.org.au 

Paris 2020 e-session and 2021 Centennial Session (Early registration via the Australian website closes 9th Aug for Australian delegates)

I remind readers that registrations for the 2020 Paris e-session and the 2021 Session in Paris are now open.  Delegates can register just for the 2020 e-session or take advantage of the 'Package' Price that is being offered and register for both events.  More information and details of the cost of cancellation should you not be able to attend the 2021 Paris session can be found on our web-site HERE.   

Whilst there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding our ability to travel overseas by August 2021, the 2020 e-session presents a great opportunity to view short (10 minute) presentations from a range of authors on a raft of topics - the program for the 2020 e-session can be viewed HERE.  The video sessions and papers from the 2020 session will be available for download to registered delegates after the 2020 Session concludes.  Paris are offering special rates for a package deal for both the e- Session and the 2021 Centennial Session details  

Paris Awards

I am very pleased to be able to acknowledge several CIGRE Australian recipients of the biennial Paris Awards.  All these awards are hotly contested on a global basis every second year and highly regarded within the CIGRE Community.  Australia has had a very good result this year with:

  • Doug Aberle receiving the CIGRE Honorary member Award

  • Alex Baitch, Ken Ash, Rod Hughes and Simon Bartlett receiving Distinguished Member Awards and

  • Tara-Lee McArthur receiving an NGN (Young Engineer) Significant Contribution Award

Congratulations to all recipients for their contributions being recognised by their peers at the global level.


Unfortunately due to the global impact of the Coronavirus, we had to postpone our planned 2020 Transformer Workshop and are now offering it on 17th March 2021 in Melbourne.

We are still working with the respective technical panels on evaluating when to hold our SEAPAC and CIDER events and will post information to our social media and websites as soon as a decision is made.

You can stay in touch by following us on our social media and websites and we are still contactable via email and phone. 

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This edition's technical articles cover a range of topics from three of our sixteen study areas.  I trust you will find them interesting and remind you that there are a raft of other topics and articles available on our e-cigre site.   

Thank you for reading and from all of us at CIGRE - stay safe during this challenging period.

Terry Killen

Executive Manager
CIGRE Australia            


Working Group C1.38, “Valuation as a comprehensive approach to asset management in view of emerging developments”.

The timely maintenance or replacement of assets in most electricity utilities is linked to the assessed probability and consequences of asset failure. Working Group C1.38 carried out a global survey on asset risk monetization practices amongst electricity industry utilities to identify the key approaches used within the industry. The results have recently been published in Technical Brochure 791. The convener of the Working Group was Graeme Ancell (past convener of AP C1, System Development and Economics).


Working Group B1.44, “Guidelines for safe work on cable systems under Induced voltages or currents

Technical Brochure 801 examines current global practice regarding how to calculate induced voltages on the cable to be worked on, how to plan the works in case of induced voltages and how to proceed with the work in situations where there is a risk of hazardous voltages or currents due to induction. The Australian member for the WG was George Bucea and the Convenor of Australian Panel B1 is Russell Wheatland, who produced this article.


Working Group C5.27, “Short-term flexibility in power systems: drivers and solutions”

Increased solar PV and wind generation is significantly driving the demand for short-term power system flexibility. Australia has see a massive proliferation of residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in Australia, from less than 100,000 customers a decade ago to more than 2.2 million in 2020 - with the generation capacity of these systems rated at 9 times that of the country’s largest power station. This presents a significant challenge for the real time balance between production and demand. Working Group C5.27 has recently completed its Technical Brochure which should be available on e-cigre within the next few weeks. This TB examines the requirements for short-term flexibility in markets and the various sources that can be used to satisfy this need and the arrangements needed to enable these sources. The Australian members on this Working Group were Greg Thorpe and Gregor Verbic.