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PARIS 2021 Centennial Session

The Paris E- Session has now begun.

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 The Current rates are available until 31 December 2020.

E- Session recordings and papers only - 

Members €100

Non Members €200

E- Session recordings and papers Plus attendance at the 2021 Paris Centennial session

Members - AUD $ 1770

Non Members AUD $ 2220



 registrations open

 Please NOTE: Member rate applies only if two consecutive years (2018/2019 or 2019/2020) of membership fees are duly settled.


Registrations for both the 2020 e-session and the 2021 PARIS session are now OPEN.




IF you only wish to register for access to the papers and recordings from the online 2020 E-session registrations -                         ( ie NOT attend the 2021 Session)  

CLICK HERE  - the CIGRE Paris office will handle these registrations directly.

The E-session will be delivered online between Monday 24 August, to Thursday 3 September, 2020

Recordings, presentations and papers will be available to delegates shortly after the presentations


The PROGRAM can be found HERE  and recordings of the presentations will be available to registered delegates after the event.



 BOTH E- Session and the 2021 Paris Session


IF you wish to Register for BOTH access to the 2020 E-session recordings, papers and the 2021 PARIS Session  CLICK HERE to download the Form and take advantage of the package Deal  Rates.

(NOTE if you are registering for BOTH events,  your registration will be handled by the Australian CIGRE Office.)

Registrations for the BOTH event option ( live e-session and 2021 Paris Session)  must be paid by 9th August 2020.

Payment can be made up to 31 December, but delegates will only have access to the recorded e-session presentations as well as attendance at the 2021 Session.


  • Download the form

  • Save it to your PC. and close

  • Open the saved copy from your PC and fill in your details (YOU DO NOT PAY ANYTHING AT THIS STAGE)

  • Click the check and validate your form ( should then get a tick)
  • Save the form and forward the completed form to 

  • Your information will be checked and you will be sent an Invoice to pay.

  • Once paid,  your registration detail will be forwarded to you by the Paris Office   




Package 2020 e-session & 2021 Centennial Session in Paris

is refundable with a special deduction fee : 

  • 120  for Delegates
  • 70 € for Companions

Any cancellation is to be sent to before July 31st 2021

2020 e-session only  

Is definitive once booked. It is not refundable, not recoverable and cannot be changed into any other registration category.



TO Download the Preferential Subjects Document - CLICK HERE


If you have any queries, please contact our office :  -

(07) 3310 8838