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Issue 20 - December 2019

Dear Reader, 

Welcome to the final issue of ITL for 2019.  Another busy year for CIGRE with continued growth in membership numbers and technical working group participation, along with improved and some new event offerings.

Subscribers to our social media and  In The Loop (ITL) have also grown substantially over the last 12 months and we now have 770 ITL subscribers and over 1440 linkedIn followers.  We also now have a twitter account for those who may like  to receive instant updates and news. 

If you would like to follow us,  our linkedIn account is HERE and our TWITTER account HERE.  - subscribe to keep up to date and in touch.

This edition of ITL includes articles on   the concept of a Global Electricity Network, a world leading study on vegetation fire characteristics and impacts on overhead lines and a summary of some of the paper topics that have been accepted for the 2020 Paris Session. 
We also have a  short summary of our future event plan and a reminder  of our member get member campaign, which is fast running out.

Young Engineer Scholarships to the Paris Session 2020 

CIGRE Australia is again offering two fully funded scholarships for young engineers to the Paris Session in 2020.
This presents a great opportunity for young engineers to learn what is happening on a global basis in their area of interest and to develop their international professional networks.

Information on how to apply and the criteria can be found at this link

New Board 

Members elected the new board at the recent 2019 AGM held in Brisbane.  Details of Board members can be found at this link.


A2 Transformer workshop

CIGRE will be hosting this annual event in Melbourne on March 25th 2020 - the program is being developed and will be made available via our EVENTS page when available

Paris Session 48  
The biennial Paris Session will be held at the Palais du Congres 23 - 28 th August 2020.  This years event is shaping up to be bigger than ever with over 270 exhibitors and an expectation of near to 4000 delegates across the week long event.
CIGRE Australia has had a record 32 papers accepted to be discussed at the Paris Event and again will be organising delegates registrations and accommodation.  Again,  information and registration details will be made available via our EVENTS website as well as updates via linkedIn and twitter.

CAIRNS Symposium 2023
Yes, quite a way off yet, but mark it in your calendars ! - Australia will be hosting the 2023 CIGRE Global Symposium in Cairns in the first week of September 2023.  We already have six Study Committees expressing interest and are expecting in excess of 400 delegates across the week of the event.
Again,  information will be made available via our website,  linkedin and twitter sites.   Sponsor and exhibitor information is being developed, but if you are interested, please contact our office to discuss the possibilities.

Member Get Member
As with previous years, from October to December any new member can gain the rest of this year 2019 and all of 2020 for the price of the 2020 membership.  In addition, CIGRE Australia are offering a 'Member Get Member'  campaign which awards members for signing up new members.
This offer expires on December 31, so check it out now to have a chance to win.

Thank you for reading and I wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable festive season and 2020.

Terry Killen
Executive Manager
CIGRE Australia            



WG C1.35 Global Electricity Network – Feasibility Study

The concept of a global electricity network has been developed to take into account the different time zones, seasons, load patterns and the intermittency of the growing levels of renewable generation. Using a time horizon of 2050, Working Group C1.35 has addressed the challenges, benefits and issues of the uneven distribution of energy sources across the world.


Australia’s substantial contribution to the 2020 CIGRE Paris Session.

There has been a record acceptance of 32 Australian Papers for the 2020 Paris Session. These papers are focussed on many of the critical issues facing Australian and regional power supplies in the changing technical environment. They should contribute toward generating significant debate over the week of the Paris Session.


WG B2.45 Vegetation fire characteristics and the potential impacts on overhead line performance.

The current spate of bushfires raging across the east coast of Australia provides a timely reminder of the destructive capacity of these fires and the critical need to manage their impact on power line infrastructure and minimise the risk of fires being caused by faults on the network. The economic cost, environmental damage and social impact of the fires can be very significant and there is therefore clear justification for investment to reduce risks.