Cigre Australia

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The first port of call for power network know-how is Cigré.  The global technical forum for large electric systems, Cigré counts more than 14000 equivalent members in over 90 countries.  This membership is composed of researchers, academics, engineers, technicians, suppliers, market and system operators and other decision makers, and is supported by 2500 experts actively collaborating in a structured work programme.

Cigré Australia was established in 1951 and boasts over 70 member organisations and 360 active individuals participating in our events as well as our 16 technical domains and corresponding panel activities.

These professionals are focused on sharing and developing the right skills for today but with an eye to the challenges of tomorrow. 

Structure and Objectives

The Australian National Committee (ANC) of Cigré provides the local organisational structure, whilst the Australian Technical Committee (ATC) provides a forum for members, Study Committee representatives and Panel Conveners to exchange ideas, co-ordinate joint activities and report on particular issues.

The Australian National Committee represents Cigré in Australia, in conformity with the Statutes of that Association.

Its objectives are to: 

  • Foster, within Australia, interest in the activities of Cigré by encouraging membership therein
  • Organise the representation of Australia at Cigré Sessions
  • Encourage the presentation of papers to Cigré Sessions and Study Committee meetings
  • Organise the formation of Australian Panels to work in collaboration with the appropriate Study Committees
  • Seek, subject to the approval of the organisation concerned, the appointment of members to the panels and nominate the Convener of the panel
  • Recommend to the Executive Committee of Cigré persons who would become members of Study Committees
  • Nominate, when entitled, members for election to the Executive Committee and Administrative Committee in accordance with Cigré Rules of Procedure
  • Enhance the technical skills and knowledge of the electricity supply industry in Australia, and 
  • Undertake any other activities as approved by the Committee consistent with the Statutes of Cigré or the constitution.