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Top 10 Issues

Following recent interviews with industry leaders, Cigré Australia identified the following ten issues as key areas of interest out of a list of 45.  Our email update In the Loop is primarily focused around offering insights and key information from our global network around these key issues.

The issues aim to focus our activities to ensure that we are satisfying members' needs and staying relevant to the interests of the broader industry.

  • Managing ageing assets
  • Significant increases in electricity prices driven by network charges
  • Investigating methods of reducing costs
  • Impacts of the substantial structural evolution of the power industry
  • Challenges associated with changing patterns of generation and demand
  • An increasing need for keeping stakeholders engaged during the development of the network of the future
  • Maintaining a safe workplace and ensuring public safety
  • Fostering an innovative and responsive workplace
  • Fostering a performance culture, and
  • Encouraging enterprise and embracing new ideas and not being afraid to challenge the status quo.

These issues will be reviewed regularly to ensure their relevance.  Please feel free to contact us if you wish to comment on the subject areas.