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Issue 27 - October 2021

Dear Reader,

The year rolls on and fortunately we are seeing the relaxing of some COVID restrictions and the promise of being able to travel a little more freely to finally catch up with family and friends who are interstate or in other countries. 

Even with the global restrictions we have had, CIGRE continues to produce relevant and interesting Technical content through its Technical Brochures.

This edition of ITL summarises the work of a further three CIGRE working groups in which Australians have been involved and who have recently published their final Technical Brochure.

  • TB 833 considers  some operating strategies and ways to achieve system operation resilience in response to significant changes to power systems. 

  • TB 806 provides common, industry wide information to assist in the responsible management of electric and magnetic fields (EMF). 

  • TB 840 gives a review of rapidly evolving data management associated with operation of power systems and the associated cyber security issues. 

As reported in the last edition, our own event schedule has also been impacted by COVID related travel and association constraints.  Our AGM held in September was a fully online presentation and was well attended by members.  Members have received links to the live presentation and copies of presentations made.

The online platform to make some of our events available to those who cannot attend has hit a glitch which we are working on, but for the time being will delay that project.  Our free presentations can still be viewed on our You Tube site.

We do have our CIDER (Conference on the Integration of Distributed Energy Resources) planned as a physical event (subject to any further Travel or COVID event restriction issues) in Adelaide May 10th & 11th 2022.  Call for presentations and sponsor/exhibitor information can be found on our event website.

Our popular annual presentations on the work of our technical panels will be held on 26th of November.  It will be held in Brisbane as a physical attendance event with the ability of those outside of Brisbane to join via webinar.  Planning is in progress, but registration and information will be available on the events website shortly.  The event will be free to attend. 


We are now entering the early stages of our planning and implementation for the Global CIGRE Symposium we are hosting in Cairns 4-7th September 2023.  Only 672 Days to go.  We already have eight of the sixteen CIGRE Study Committees committed to attend with a couple of others still considering attendance, so put the date in your diaries and plan to be there.  The Symposium will provide a great opportunity to experience what a global CIGRE event can offer without having to leave the country.
Again, information will be posted to the event website as it becomes available.

So, despite the impact of COVID restrictions and lockdowns we still have plenty happening and look forward to being able to hold the physically meetings and discussions that CIGRE is known for.

Thanks again for reading and your support and we look forward to seeing you and your colleagues participating in one of our events soon.

Best Regards

Terry Killen 
Chief Executive
CIGRE Australia.

Technical Editor - Phil Southwell


WG C2.25, TB 833 - Operating strategies and preparedness for system operational resilience

The need for resilience in power systems has become important in recent years due to two phenomena; increased frequency and duration of extreme natural events, and a shift in the generation mix towards more inverter based renewable energy resources. The latter has created challenges for power system operators, highlighting the need for resilience and secure operation. There are emerging risks that need to be understood, reviewed frequently, and addressed properly.


WG C3.19, TB 806- Responsible management of electric and magnetic fields (EMF)

Despite extensive research demonstrating the safety of the compliance standards for electric and magnetic fields, some members of the public have concerns about adverse health and environmental effects.  These concerns require genuine acknowledgement and a factual, open and honest approach.  The issue remains very important, both in terms of safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity supply as well as maintaining the reputation of the industry.  This requires regular review and assessment to ensure that best practice is followed. 


WG D2.50 – TB 840 - Electric Power Utilities’ Cybersecurity for Contingency Operations

During all stages of disaster recovery and reconstitution, access to critical information is needed by all players. They include external utilities providing emergency field crews and federal, state, and local government support agencies. Emergency response teams seconded from outside the system perimeter need access to critical system information, but will find cyber security barriers to entry.