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Working Groups - D1 Materials and Emerging Test Techniques

AG D1.01 Liquids and liquid impregnated insulation systems

AG D1.02 High voltage and current testing and diagnostic

AG D1.03 Insulating gases

AG D1.04 Solid materials

CTAG D1 Customer and tutorial advisory group

JWG A2/D1.41 HVDC transformer polarity reversal:  role of oil conductivity

JWG A2/D1.46 Field experience with transformer solid insulating ageing markers

JWG D1/A2.47 New frontiers of DGA interpretations for power transformers and their accessories

JWG D1/B1.49 Harmonized test for the measurement of residual inflammable gases

SAG Strategic Advisory group

WG D1.19 Solid insulation endurance under repetitive transient voltages

WG D1.23 Diagnostics and accelerated life endurance testing of polymeric materials for HVDC application

WG D1.25 Application guide for PD detection in GIS using UHF or acoustic methods

WG D1.27 Material properties for new and non-ceramic insulation

WG D1.28 Optimised gas-insulated systems by advanced dielectric coatings and functionally graded materials

WG D1.29 Partial discharges in transformers

WG D1.30 Oxidation stability of transformer insulating oils

WG D1.31 Dielectric performance of insulating liquids for transformers

WG D1.34 Condition assessment for oil-impregnated insulation used in AC cables

WG D1.35 Performance of high voltage and high current measurement systems for high voltage testing

WG D1.36 Special requirements for dielectric testing of ultra high voltage (UHV) equipment

WG D1.37 Maintenance and evaluation of measuring procedures for conventional and unconventional partial discharge testing

WG D1.38 Emerging test techniques common to high temperature superconducting (HTS) power applications

WG D1.39 Methods for diagnostic/failure data collection and analysis

WG D1.40 Functional nanomaterials for the electrical power industry

WG D1.42 Radiation ageing of polymeric insulating materials

WG D1.43 Rotating machine insulation voltage endurance under fast repetitive voltage transients

WG D1.44 Testing of naturally polluted insulators

WG D1.45 Testing of insulator performance under heavy rain

WG D1.48 Properties of insulating materials under VLF Voltages

WG D1.50 Atmospheric and altitude correction factors for air gaps and clean insulators

WG D1.51 Dielectric performance of eco-friendly gas insulated systems

WG D1.52 Moisture measurement in insulating fluids and transformer insulation