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Working Groups - B5 Protection and Automation

JWG D2/B5.30 Communications for HV substation protection and wide area protection applications

WG B5-14 Wide area protection and control technologies

WG B5-23 Short circuit protection of circuits with mixed conductor technologies in transmission networks

WG B5-24 Protection requirements on transient response of voltage and current digital acquisition chain

WG B5-27 Implications and benefits of standardised protection schemes

WG B5-31 Management of protection relay settings

WG B5-36 Applications for protection schemes based on IEC 61850

WG B5-37 Protection, control and monitoring of shunt reactors

WG B5.39 Documentation requirements from design to operation to maintenance for digital substation automation systems

WG B5.40 Education, qualification and continuing professional development of engineers in protection and control

WG B5.41 Investigation of possibilities to improve metering systems for billing purposes in substations

WG B5.42 Experience concerning availability and reliability of DSAS

WG B5.43 Co-ordination of protection and automation for future networks

WG B5.44 Protection schemes for special transformers

WG B5.45 Acceptance, commissioning and field testing techniques for protection and automation systems

WG B5.46 Application and management of cyber security measures for P&C systems

WG B5.47 Network protection performance audits

WG B5.48 Protection for developing network with limited fault current capability of generation

WG B5.49 Protection and automation of shunt capacitors

WG B5.50 IEC 61850-based substation automation systems – expectation of stakeholders and user interaction

WG B5.51 Methods and application of remotely accessed information for SAS maintenance and operation

WG B5.52 Analysis and comparison of fault location systems in substation automation systems

WG B5.53 Test strategy for protection, automation and control (PAC) functions in a full digital substation based on IEC 61850 applications

WG B5.54 Protection and automation issues of islanded systems during system restoration/black start