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Working Groups - A1 Rotating Electrical Machines

AG A1.1 Turbogenerators

AG A1.2 Hydro Generators

AG A1.5 New Technologies

AG A1.6 Large Motors

WG A1.05 Economic Evaluation of Generator Refurbishment/Replacement

WG A1.14 Guide for Minimising the Damage from Stator Winding Grounds in Hydro Generators

WG A1.21 Bearing Segments with Plastic Lining – Operating and Maintenance Experience

WG A1.24 Literature Survey on Diagnostics Trends for Wind Generators for Reliability Improvement

WG A1.25 Survey on Hydro-Generator Cleaning

WG A1.28 Guide – Corona Electromagnetic Probe Tests (TVA)

WG A1.29 Guide on New Generator-Grid Interaction Requirements

WG A1.30 Use of Magnetic Slot Wedges in Hydro Generators

WG A1.31 State of the art of stator winding supports in slot area and winding overhang of Hydro Generators

WG A1.32 A Survey on Small Hydro Power Plants Considering Technical and Strategic Aspects

WG A1.33 Guide for the Proper Storage and Cleanliness of Generators and Components

WG A1.34 Testing Voltage of Doubly-Fed Asynchronous Generator-Motor Rotor Windings for Pumped Storage System

WG A1.35 Hydroelectric Generators behaviour under abnormal operation conditions

WG A1.36 Vibration and Stability Problems Met In New, Old and Refurbished Hydro Generators, Root Causes and Consequences

WG A1.37 Turbogenerator Stator Winding Support System Experience

WG A1.38 Guide for Generator On-Line Over and Under Excitation Operation issues

WG A1.39 Application of dielectric dissipation factor measurements on new stator coils and bars

WG A1.40 Survey on Hydro Generator Instrumentation and Monitoring

WG A1.41 Inventory of main maintenance interventions on turbogenerator

WG A1.42 Influence of Key Requirements on the Cost of Hydrogenerators

WG A1.43 State of Art of Rotor Temperature Measurement

WG A1.44 Guideline on Testing of Large Turbo-Generators