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CIGRE Technical Committee Chairman releases Study Committee summary

By ANC, 18 September 2014

CIGRE Study Committee Chairman Mark Waldron said he was pleased to be able to release the CIGRE Study Committees document, as it summarises the work and activities of the 16 CIGRE Study Committees and over 200 active working groups and some 2500 active experts engaged in CIGRE work globally.

Mark said that the framework for CIGRE's technical activities consists of four strategic directions:

  • Prepare the "strongand smart" power system of the future
  • Make the best use of the exisiting equipment and system
  • Answer the environmental concerns  and
  • Develop knowledge and information

Mark further commented that "Particular strengths of CIGRE are its well established Global working group structure and its wide international engagement .... CIGRE will actively promote the development of skills and knowledge whilst promoting the global sharing of knowledge and experience " 

More information on  Study Committees can be found on this site and the CIGRE Study Committees Scope of Works & Activities can be downloaded - click here.