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Study Committee B3 - Substations Annual Report

By anc, 8 June 2017

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The Chairman of Study Committee B3, Australian Terry Krieg said that Transmission and Distribution substations continue to play a central role within electricity networks in providing safe and reliable energy to consumers and that the Study Committee aims to serve a broad range of target groups in the power industry with our focus on not just the technical,but also the economic, environmental and social aspects of substations.

The annual report summarises the work that has taken place within the Study Committee over the last year including events held, working groups supported, publications and the agreed preferential subjects for the Paris Session 2018.


Recent publications for Study Committee B3 include:

  • TB 660 - Saving through optimised maintenance in air insulated substations
  • TB 674 - Benefits of PD diagnosis on  GIS condition assessment
  • TB 686 - Internal Arc effects in Medium Voltage Switchgear (l-52kV)

 Work continued in 2016 on the Substation green book, the first of two SC B3 Green Book projects. These works will be used to encapsulate and present the consolidated information available in the CIGRE body of work in relation to Substations and to identify new study areas for future direction of B3 activities. This first Green Book will be published in late 2017. The second green book on SF6 was launched in 2016 for publication in 2019.

Working Groups

Working Groups have been described as the "engine room" of CIGRE work. During 2016, a number of Working Groups completed their work and new ones were commenced . The total number of active Working Groups at the end of 2016 was 16. New Working Groups in 2016/2017 include:

  • B3.45 - Application of non-SF6 gases or mixtures in medium voltage and high voltage gas-insulated switchgear  (approved 29/06/2016)
  • B3.46 - Guidelines for Safe Working in Substations  (approved 04/09/2016)
  • B3.47 - Application  of Robotics in Substations (approved O1/11/2016)
  • B3.48 - Asset health indices for equipment in existing Substations (approved 30/11/2016)

Preferential Subjects - Paris Session 2018

Preferential Subject I - Advances in substation technology and design

Preferential Subject 2 - Evolution in substation management

Preferential Subject 3 - Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Assurance considerations in substations

The report can be downloaded and viewed here