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Paris Session 2018 - Call for Papers

By ANC, 23 December 2016

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Paris has issued the call for papers for the 2018 Paris Session 47.   The 2016 Session saw over 400 papers presented with 3290 delegates.  A great opportunity to contribute to a world audience of experts.  

Please see the attached brochure for details of the Preferential Subjects. 


As required by Central Office, CIGRE Australia will be handling all synopses and papers submitted under the Australian National Committee allotment.

Synopses are now requested.

The deadline for submission to CIGRE Australia will be  June 9th 2017.

This will allow time for assessment and revision before submission to Central Office. Details are to follow. Early submission will be appreciated.


Please click HERE to download the approved template.


Please use this template and please follow the format set out within the template. 

Some important things to note:

  • Lead author must be a member of CIGRE Australia, or employee of a Collective member.
  • Deadlines are firm, we will only be submitting approved synopses up to the Central Office deadline. There are no exceptions for late submission.
  • PLEASE BE CONCIOUS OF THE COMMITMENT YOU ARE MAKING BY SUBMITTING A SYNOPSIS. ONCE A SYNOPSIS IS APPROVED, A PAPER IS EXPECTED. If no paper is submitted, the title and the authors will be listed in the Paris Session with “no paper provided” against it. There is no process for withdrawing papers once a synopsis is approved.
  • Synopses must be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of around 1000 words.
  • Papers are intended as technical documents, please limit references to companies or products to only that which is necessary. 
  • The format provided in the template must be followed.

If you think you will be submitting a synopsis, please notify our office email -  or phone (07) 3310 8839. It will help with our communications and planning.

Please submit synopses in word document form by email to