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NGN / QUT Seminar - Superconductivity (In the Power Grid) in the 21st Century

By ANC, 15 July 2015

Tagged Superconductivity, NGN, QUT

This seminar was well attended by industry members and young engineers and included sessions on the following:

  • Introduction to Superconductivity in the 21st century.  (Adjunct Professor Richard Taylor, QUT)
  • Application of superconducting devices in the power grid
  • Superconducting demonstration - first principles (Rob Hickey, QUT Project Officer)
  • Design, construction, testing and deployment of a 1 MVA 11kV/415 3 phase distribution transformer - Dr. Mike Staines (Robinson Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington 
  • SFCL demonstration and workshop in the Applied Superconductivity Lab-- Dr. Jeff Moscrop (University of Wollongong)

Following a demonstration in the workshop, the afternoon saw presentations from Mr. David Bones of GHD on Networks in the age of uncertainty and Ms. Lyndall Josey of Powerlink covering the topic of Innovation and Risk taking in the Current Industry Environment.  

These presentations formed the basis for afternoon discussion and some vigorous debate on related industry issues.

Vimeo recordings of the presentation were made available to NGN Members as well as key issues and points of discussion from the days discussions.

A public You Tube presentation by Professor Richard Taylor on the same topic can be found here:

High Temperature Superconducting Devices in the Power Grid: CIGRE - Richard Taylor

Below:  The superconducting fault current limiter (SFCL) being cooled with liquid nitrogen prior to the CIGRE NGN Technical Workshop at QUT’s Banyo Pilot Plant Precinct” 

NGN seminar

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