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“Embedded generation and microgrids a focus at SEAPAC 17”

By ANC, 28 February 2017

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Protection of embedded generation and microgrids is one of the focus areas at SEAPAC 17 - Melbourne 14,15 March

SEAPAC 17 features 39 technical papers on a variety protection, automation and control topics, presented by local and international experts.

Included in this quality programme are a number of papers on the hot topic of the protection of embedded generation and microgrids.

These include:

  • Your Roadmap to Community Resilience Microgrids: Taking the First Steps
     Marcus DW Steel,  Regional Electricity Micro-Grids Pty Ltd, Australia

“In cyber-security parlance, MV substations are brownfield endpoints where primary consideration is to not disrupt existing business process with added security controls or false-positive security events. CRM are greenfield endpoints with holistic cybersecurity postures. A network-centric strategy for infrastructure between CRM and MV substations is essential for real-time data collection and control applications.”   

  • QV Protection for Wind Farms
    Mitchell Eadie , Philipp Stachel,  Schneider Electric, Australia 

“Security of electricity networks in the modern era requires a new perspective on stability criterion outside of traditional protection functions. The introduction of renewable energy generation is placing a greater emphasis on this. This paper introduces the concept of QV protection and its applications in a distribution environment introduced to the European context with a high penetration of wind power. “ 

  • Study of Sensitive Overcurrent Protection Scheme with Core Balance CT in an Islanded Micro grid with Inverter-iIterfaced Distributed Generations
    Ali Khademlahashy , Li Li , Jianguo Zhu, University of technology Sydney, Australia 

“This paper proposes a new protection method by using the sensitive over current function with core balance CT which is compared to using differential function, and discusses its pros and cons. One of the main advantages of this method is its economical soundness and its capability to cover most limited fault currents that overcurrent relay cannot operate properly in an islanded MG with inverter-interfaced distributed generations”  

  • Multi-scenario protection coordination for a large data center with embedded generation.
    Winodh Jayewardene, AECOM, Australia 

“Large capacity data centers with rotating electrical plant can present unique protection and control challenges  due to their complex electrical system redundancy requirements.  Power levels of up to 60MVA at 11kV are not uncommon with similarly rated backup generation .  This paper shares some of the challenges associated with developing a suitable protection scheme for a large scale medium voltage connected data center”


SEAPAC 17 is a biennial event. The next one is not scheduled until 2019, so with a little under 2 weeks to go for the conference, register today and don’t miss out on this and more technical know-how. 


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