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CIGRE Young Engineers (NGN) present expert speaker on Synchronous Condensers

By Terry Killen, 4 August 2020

Tagged synchronous condensers, CIGRE, NGN

CIGRE Young Engineers group have organised another expert webinar - Synchronous Condensers – are they a solution for today’s challenges? Presented by Fabian Spescha of AEMO.
Synchronous condensers are often cited as the emerging considerations needed for solutions in weak grid applications, especially in support of renewable generation and its transition. This presentation aims to provide an overview and answers to some of the most common questions relating to synchronous condensers:

• How do synchronous condensers work in comparison to other technologies?
• Can a modern twist to an older technology provide valuable support to stabilize the grid?
• Should we consider a retrofit of a retired generator to a synchronous condenser?
• Are there any known applications of Synchronous Condensers in the NEM?
• Are synchronous condensers a “silver bullet” to our challenges?

Attendees will also be able to learn about some of the latest developments and upcoming guidelines in this space.

More info and register HERE

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