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Aussie contributions recognised at CIGRE Paris Session

By ANC, 16 November 2016

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Phil Southwell received one of the inaugural CIGRE Fellow Awards for his active participation in the activities of the technical work of the Study Committees and for providing a lead technical role in the Study Committees. (there are only a maximum of 5 recipients of this award globally every two years).   The CIGRE Fellow award and recognition follows on Phil being granted honorary membership at the 2014 session. 

Richard Bevan's long standing dedication to CIGRE both globally and in our region was recognised through the granting of Honorary member.  Honorary member is granted to maximum ten members globally every two years who have proven participation in CIGRE technical activities in a leadership role of CIGRE, and for members whose service of CIGRE has been judged exceptional.   Richard has been a long standing and active member of CIGRE and has previously served as CIGRE Australia Chairman and more recently has completed a term as the CIGRE Global Treasurer.

Rob Lake's contribution to leading global technical excellence in the area of B2 -Overhead Lines, was recognised through the Technical Council Award.
The CIGRE Technical Committee award Award is granted to only a few CIGRE Members as a reward and recognition for their remarkable technical contribution.
This award recognises Rob's long term commitment to CIGRE activities and leadership of international CIGRE technical activities.

Rob said that “without the enthusiasm of Chris Fitzgerald when I first attended the AP22 meetings, and progressively through Gary Brennan and his encouragement to “get involved”, including to host the SCB2 meeting in NZ in 2013, I would not have been as active in the SCB2 world.”  

[Chris Fitzgerald was the AP22 Convenor, and received the SCB2 TC award in 2000 whilst Gary Brennan is a previous APB2 Convenor, who received the SCB2 TC award in 2008]

CIGRE Australia congratulates Phil Richard and Rob on these achievements and recognises the ongoing and dedication that lies behind them.

Congratulations to Phil Richard and Rob for what are well deserved and notable achievements.


Phil and Richard, with CIGRE Global President Klaus Frohlich.  

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Rob Lake being presented with his award by Konstantin Papailiou, the then Chairman of SCB2.

2016 TC award