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CIGRE Panels offer Technical Seminars

By ANC, 30 August 2017

Tagged c4, b4, b2, HVDC, Power Electronics, overhead lines

Three of CIGRE Australia's 16 panels are offering short and targeted seminars over the next couple of months which will discuss some of the technical challenges associated with these topic areas.


CIGRE Panel B2 – Overhead Lines is please to present a one day seminar considering some of the current issues related to the design, operation and maintenance of modern overhead lines.

Melbourne - Wednesday 20th September Rendezvous Hotel.

 Seminar Topics will be presented by both local and international experts from industry and research institution and include:

  •  Selection, design and performance management of overhead conductor and fittings for transmission and distribution lines
  •  Vibration management and controls for overhead conductor including case studies from Brazil and Australia
  •  Right-of-way requirements, and management of Audible Noise
  •  OHL Electrical design parameters including electrical clearances and easement
  •  Bushfire effects on overhead lines.
  •  Risk modelling of overhead lines for assessment of extreme weather events
  •  Condition assessment of wood poles

More information and registration can be found by CLICKING HERE



The Australian Panels of B4 and C4 are pleased to present a two day technical seminar titled “The impact of power electronics on network performance and capability” 

Brisbane UQ -  9th and 10th of November.

The objective of the seminar is to explore the increasing role of power electronics in both the generation and transmission sectors and consider both the impacts and opportunities that such technologies can bring to the power system. 

The program has been structured around four key themes which are:

  • Frequency control: the impact that power electronic interfaced generation has on network frequency control as well as the application of energy storage systems to supplement traditional sources of inertia and primary governing response.
  • Voltage control: the role of fast acting dynamic reactive control devices to support the successful integration of renewable energy technologies at both transmission and distribution voltage levels.
  • Power quality: a number of practical experiences relating to power system harmonics will be presented, as well as discussions on how harmonics associated with renewable energy systems are currently being managed.  
  • Power system security and generator grid connections: discussions on various power system security concerns that have resulted from the increased penetration of asynchronous generation and what future role does HVDC have in the National Electricity Market (NEM) to help address some of these issues.

More information and registration can be found by CLICKING HERE