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CIGRE opens applications to participate in the Young Engineers (NGN) Mentoring program.

17 January 2022


Are you looking to progress your career and talk with highly experienced professionals from your industry? Would you like to develop your technical and personal skills in one-on-one meetings with a Mentor who has been matched to help you get the most out of your mentoring relationship? Launching in January 2022, the CIGRE NGN Mentoring Program is a free program open to all CIGRE NGN members working in the power industry.

The CIGRE NGN Mentoring Program aims to connect CIGRE Australia members with substantial industry experience with early career CIGRE NGN members who may be seeking some guidance and assistance in the development of their careers. The Mentor will draw on their experience and knowledge to assist the Mentee through challenges faced in their early power industry career. This assistance may be in many forms such as technical, professional or inter-personal advice/guidance. 

NGN Co-chair Phil Coughlan said that he " was excited about the program and wrapped to see CIGRE‚Äôs more experienced and knowledgeable members offer their time to support our NGN and foster collaboration and knowledge sharing" 


Mentee applicants must be a CIGRE NGN member and currently working in the power industry.

If you wish to participate as a Mentee, please contact

If you believe you have appropriate experience to volunteer some time as a Mentor, please contact our CEO Terry Killen on (07) 3310 8838 to discuss the opportunity.