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CIGRE NGN launches new Website !

15 March 2021

CIGRE Chief Executive Terry Killen today announced the launch of a dedicated website to the CIGRE Australia young engineer network (NGN - Next Generation Network).  Mr Killen said this was  "the result of the work of many of our young engineers, in  particular Madeline Binet of AEMO who has oversighted and co-ordinated the project as well as building much of the content ." 

The site can be viewed HERE  and the NGN will administer the site and welcome contribution and ideas for articles and content.  

The Australian NGN which is open to any member or employee of a member who is under 35yrs of age,  now has some 323 members and the newly appointed committee is working toward developing activities and programs to provide useful land interesting activities and opportunities to broaden members networks.  

The NGN are looking forward to putting more content on the website and further developing planned activities and events. 

If you would like to get involved in the NGN activities or have ideas for website content or events - they can be contacted at this address  -  NGN  EMAIL.