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CIGRE Australian member receives Global recognition !

By ANC, 27 July 2018

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Hans Mayer today was presented with a distinguished member award in recognition of his many years of contribution to the work of CIGRE.

The “Distinguished Member” title is granted to long-standing members who have contributed to the Association through participation in the technical work or within the National Committees. Its purpose is to acknowledge the active participation of members over a number of years, to the work and development of CIGRE.

This Award was well deserved, as Hans as been an active CIGRE member for many years, has attended 20 CIGRE Paris sessions over 40 years  (only held every 2 yrs) and has been an active participant and well respected member of several global working groups and Australian Panels since he came to Australia in 1982.

Hans remains an active Panel member and mentor to other CIGRE panel members.

CIGRE Australia Executive Manager and Australian B1 Panel Convenor presented the award to Hans recently in Melbourne.

HANS Mayer

 Australian B1 Panel Convenor Russell Wheatland, Distinguished Member - Hans Mayer and CIGRE Australia Executive Manager Terry Killen