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CIGRE 2021 - A Year in Review

18 January 2022

Last year again presented us all with the Challenges of living in a COVID environment.

Unfortunately this meant further cancellation of some of our events or at least putting them online and of course another Hybrid offering of the Paris Session.

However even with these distractions and challenges CIGRE Australia has still seen some successes, growth and had members recognised internationally for their ongoing contributions.

CIGRE CEO Terry Killen said that he

".. would like to acknowledge and congratulate all who helped make it a successful year and he thanked all those who have continued to support CIGRE activities throughout difficult and challenging times.  For CIGRE to be able to continue to grow its membership and continue to contribute to the technical work taking place in the industry during these very challenging times is a great recognition of the dedication of those involved and the important role and contribution of CIGRE..".  

We look forward to 2022 and ideally finally being able to resume regular face to face meetings and continuing the growth of CIGRE  and contribution to the Global Power industry.

Please click the ICON/image below for a one page snapshot of some of the key achievements for 2021.