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CIDER Underway !

By anc, 19 August 2015

Day 1 of the CIGRE CIDER conference saw approximately 90 delegates gain the value of a diverse series of presentations. The morning tutorial provided some deep research and analysis of the impacts of solar PV systems on the networks and network components. Conference sessions included status, trends and policy presentations with a focus on how much the customer is and will be involved in the roll out of small scale DER. Two case studies looking at EVs and the isolated King Island power system expanded attendees understanding of the diverse range of projects and thinking.


The final NGN panel session looked to the skill sets for the future. CSIRO's Mark Patterson challenged us to be agile and flexible, being realistic that we cannot predict the future, but that if we do not adapt we "might as well cash in our superannuation now".


cider 1 session photo