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CIDER 17 has unprecedented interest !

By ANC, 31 July 2017

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The upcoming CIDER event has attracted unprecedented interest with all exhibition spaces taken and more registrations at this stage than attended the 2015 event.  

Ross Thompson,  Siemens General Manager Distributed Energy Systems who are the platinum sponsors for the event has said

“As a Global company who has a significant presence in the energy sector, Siemens is very aware of the need for renewables and distributed energy sources to be integrated to the traditional network system and the associated challenges facing participants including market and regulatory uncertainties.

Using Siemens distributed energy systems, participants now have a way to stay in control when the unexpected happens, and they also have a better way to plan their power consumption when the opportunity arises. By shaping the energy solution to meet their own unique needs, participants can ensure operational continuity, generate savings on energy costs and lower their carbon footprint in addition to being able to generate power on site or close to the point of use through the implementation of DES technologies.

More than ever, participants are being urged to rethink business models, change financial structures and establish new partnerships.  Siemens is able to help with this transformation and is very pleased to support the CIGRE CIDER event as, like Siemens, CIGRE is able to draw on global experience to help leverage solutions for local issues and challenges.

Siemens looks forward to the CIDER event and discussing solutions to some of these issues with you.”

A draft daily program is now available on the event site and a more detailed session program will  be available shortly.

Register now whilst there is still space available !


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