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CIDER Concludes !

By CA, 21 August 2015

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CIDER Wraps up ! - 2 days, 93 delegates, 23 quality presentations, 1 morning tutorial, BMW i3 demo, lots of discussion sharing and learning - priceless !! 

CIDER 2015 came to a conclusion yesterday and after 2 days of presentations and robust and active discussion, was announced as a success by delegates.

Ken Ash the C6 Study convenor and coordinating committee chair said he was " very pleased with how the event had turned out and enjoyed the collaborative atmosphere'.

Ken will be discussing whether the event is held again next year, and if so where it may be held with his C6 Australian Panel members. 

CIGRE Australia Executive Manager, Terry Killen said he was "... Very happy with the outcome of the event,  quality of material presented and the interest and participation shown by delegates.  Subject to feedback from the event delegate survey we would certainly support looking to hold something similar in the future "

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